Trevor Brown is an Australian freelance composer, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, artistic director, producer, sound designer, occasional academic, and radio presenter who works across several artistic and cultural fields.

Currently completing a Doctor of Music Arts at the Sydney Conservatorium on Composing with Volatile Media (playing with fire, working with the unknown and the uncontrollable via Improvised Conduction, Technological Interventions, Multi-Art form Collaboration and Environmental Compostition)

Composition/Sound Design

Mona’s Trees

A work commissioned by the Dark Mofo Feast as part of 2015 Festival. Played in surround sound during the festival. Based on ongoing work exploring psychogeophysicial responses to decades of collected field recordings of Australian soundscapes.

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Trevor Brown – electricbrown@gmail.com

+61 408 511 899

Skype – trevorbrowntrevorbrown