Marta Ferracin Installations



Australian Catholic University (ACU)
North Sydney Art Prize
The Coal Loader – Centre for Sustainability

acoustic site-specific installation
metal original Slinkys, magnets, 21 bass speaker cones, laptop computer, 8 channels audio interface,
2 channels analogue sound converter, 3 parametric speakers, soundscape, amplifiers and led lights
dimension: 270(height)x 240(width) x 400(lenght)cm
duration sound: 00:30mins
soundscape: Trevor Brown
activation design: Chris Daniel

Mystacina microbats bioacoustics recording courtesy of Professor Stuart Parsons
School of Earth,Environmental and Biological Sciences, Queensland University of Technology
echosonar audio recording in situ: Gary Warner


sentient I


site – specific installation

transparent acrylic disc, UV print, light microscopy single channel video, soundscape (bass drum, reed organ, bass clarinet, bucket of water, digital processing), mp3 audio player and stereo speakersÂ

duration video: 10:00 minutes (loop)Â

duration sound 30:00 minutes (loop)

soundscape – Trevor Brown

Original composition for feedback bass drum, reed organ, bass clarinet and bucket of water with subsequent digital processing. The instrumentation reflects the nature and processes of the video subject, valves, pumps, liquid under pressure and chance operations.

Light microscopist – Neftali Flores Rodriguez (ACMM and SMM – The University of Sydney)

Physarum policephalum culture – courtesy of Jules Smith – Ferguson (School of Life and Environmental Science – The University of Sydney)


organic chemistry by Marta Ferracin


luminescence site specific multimedia installation
mixed media, transfer pipettes, test tubes, flower water vials, luminescent pigment, synthetic resin, rare earth minerals, outdoor lights, timer, stereo speakers and mp3 micro player
dimensions variable
sound – trevor brown
elemental sounds of raw electricity convolved with air activated water(bubbles)  dominant frequencies are captured and directed ,via chance operations, through random atomisations and intermixed with native fly field recording that were slowed down by 400%.

organic chemistry is kindly supported by The University of Sydney-The School of Chemistry.


sentient by Marta Ferracin


multi-sensory Physarum polycephalum installation
Physarum polycephalum, oat, agar, transparent domed acrylic, PVC pipes, petri dishes, Arduino controlled LED lighting, synthetised odour, pocket projectors, mp3 micro player and stereo speakers
dimensions variable
duration video: 03:30 minutes (loop)
duration sound: 60:00 minutes (loop)

sound – Trevor Brown
synthetised odour – Dr Robert Baker
lighting design – Nathan Moore

video Sentient, 2017 – SCA galleries – 7 – 9 December 2017 –

sound: Trevor Brown – video: Corey Rankin