Sydney Improvisers Composers Kollektiv Orchestra


10-15 Piece ensemble focusing on conduction (conducted improvisation) and open form improvisation.

Lead by Trevor Brown, the ensemble draws from Sydney’s finest improvisers from across all spectra of music, classical, jazz, electronic, traditional and exploratory.

Trevor has worked conducted and performed with London Improvisers Orchestra, Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, Apu Postmodern Ensemble and Markus Stockhausen’s Intuitive Music Orchestra of Cologne.

He was the conductor for the Australian premier of John Zorn’s Cobra, the first time the concept was performed outside of Zorn’s own ensemble.

He presents workshops and masterclasses on the topic of conduction in Australia and Europe.

This is the only ensemble of its type in Australia.

“A vocabulary of ideographic signs and gestures activated to modify or construct a real time musical arrangement of any notation or composition. Each sign and gesture transmits generative information and provides instantaneous possibilities for altering or initiating harmony, melody, rhythm, articulation, phrasing, or form” – Butch Morris

“A dynamic and entertaining show, we were riding on the edge of their seats watching the music take shape”

Violin – Susie Bishop
Viola – Veren Grigorov
Cello – Mary Rapp
Trumpet – Ellen Kirkwood
Trumpet – Lee McIvor
Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet – Jason Noble
Flute/Alto Flute – Trevor Brown
Alto Saxophone – Phillip Johnston
Bariton Saxophone – Ian Pieterse
Vibraphone – Niki Johnston
Marimba – Adam Jeffery
Drumset – Ivan Jordan
Piano – Danial Pliner
Accordion – Emily-Rose Sarkova
Guitar – Julian Curwin
Electric Bass- Josh Ahearn