Last SICKO for 2018 – 18th Nov

Final Concert for the SICKO Series of 2018
Tom Foster Centre in Newtown.

Ben Carey - Modular
Sonya Holowell - Vocals

Trio Yoyetta
Azo Bell Guitar
Mick Dick - Bass
Nick Fisher - Drums
Kellie O/Dempsey - Live Visuals

Bonnie Stewart - Drums/percussion
Jim Denly - Flutes, balloons and machines.

Sonya Holowell - Voice
Emily-Rose Sarkova - Accordion
Susie Bishop - Violin
Mary Rapp - Cello
Ellen Kirkwood - Trumpet
Ian Pietersea - Baritone Sax
Arne Hanna - Guitar
Julian Curwin - Banjo
Josh Ahearn - Bass
Ivan Jordan – Drums
Trevor Brown - Conductor

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