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Last SICKO for 2018 – 18th Nov

Final Concert for the SICKO Series of 2018
Tom Foster Centre in Newtown.

Ben Carey - Modular
Sonya Holowell - Vocals

Trio Yoyetta
Azo Bell Guitar
Mick Dick - Bass
Nick Fisher - Drums
Kellie O/Dempsey - Live Visuals

Bonnie Stewart - Drums/percussion
Jim Denly - Flutes, balloons and machines.

Sonya Holowell - Voice
Emily-Rose Sarkova - Accordion
Susie Bishop - Violin
Mary Rapp - Cello
Ellen Kirkwood - Trumpet
Ian Pietersea - Baritone Sax
Arne Hanna - Guitar
Julian Curwin - Banjo
Josh Ahearn - Bass
Ivan Jordan – Drums
Trevor Brown - Conductor

Quatuor a la fin du sens

Brown/Grigorov/Hunter/Rapp – Quatuor a la fin du sens.

Trevor Brown – Saxes/flutes/clarinets
Stu Hunter – Piano
Veren Grigorov – Violin
Mary Rapp – Cello/Double Bass

Inspired by the sonorities and structures of Quatuor Pour La Fin Du Temps, Die Kunst der Fuge and free ranging stylistic improvisation, given a rhythmical injection, this ensemble of heavy-hitters will bring something super fresh to this historic room with a fantastic acoustic.

Trevor Brown, composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer, has just returned form an Arts Council funded tour of Europe, performing and musically directing in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia and Germany, including solo performances at Ars Electronica , Venice Biennale , Sedam Dana Stvranja and Berlin’s Spektrum.

Stu Hunter – Multi award winning Australian composer, producer and pianist He is a genre defying musician who has worked with a huge cross section of the music community and has appeared on over 120 music releases worldwide.

Veren Grigorov – Considered to be one of the finest improvising violinists in Australia, the Bulgarian born, award-winning violinist/composer immigrated to Australia in 1980. His colourful musical journey has provided rich experiences in orchestral and ensemble, theatre, opera, circus and solo work.

Mary Rapp – cellist/double bassist/vocalist, Mary Rapp, is a multidisciplinary musician who has gained wide acclaim for her distinctive approach, which integrates jazz, experimental, classical, and regional music traditions. Mary’s work as both performer and composer is regularly featured in a range of ensemble settings such as Ensemble Offspring and the Australian Art Orchestra.

Trevor Brown – Saxes/flutes/clarinets
Stu Hunter – Piano
Veren Grigorov – Violin
Mary Rapp – Cello/Double Bass

Soireé Sevdah at Woodford

Very excited to take this new project to Woodford folk festival.

Nadya Golski –  Vocals

Giga Jeleskovic – Guitar/ Vocals

Trevor Brown – Clarinet/bass Clarinet

John Maddox – Bass / Vocals

Sevdah is a traditional Bosnian form of music oozing with luscious Balkan and Turkish melodies and harmonies. We’ll be playing 4 concerts and various stages.

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